Frequently Asked Questions

Mean time between failure: you can think of this as the average lifetime of the product, as determined by our members. Whenever a member "Retires" an object because they wore it out, broke it or consumed it, we use that to calculate the MTBF.

Climbing ropes: 5-7 years, or after a number of big falls. Of if you see a wear spot. Most climbing gear manufacturers will have a recommendation on when to retire.

this isn't 'reviews' – this is notes from actual users. list of all notes, list of photos of actual used gear, warranty info, etc.

Is it patagonia? They'll give you a nice gift card for returning old gear. Is it acrterx? They'll buy it back from you! You can also try or or even your local goodwill. You could sell it on the MP formus

That's a big question! Start with REI's Climbing Basics article, and then join a gym and just start!