Tech Lite Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt - Men's

It's no secret that traditional cotton tees soak up moisture the instant you begin to sweat, making you feel uncomfortably damp, especially in the underarms. Resolving this issue when you're hiking under the hot sun or traveling long hours through hectic situations, the Icebreaker Men's Tech Lite Crewe Shirt provides lightweight wearing comfort and moisture management with its soft merino wool fibers wrapped around a durable nylon core. Not only is merino wool much softer than coarser wool fibers, but it also wicks sweat off your skin to eliminate the damp, clammy feel. Merino is highly resistant to odor build-up, meaning you won't offend your hiking partners or the guy in the next airplane seat after a stressful run through the terminal. To ensure durability, Icebreaker wraps every merino fiber around a nylon core for greater longevity and abrasion-resistance.

Manufacturer's details & specifications

6 years
average lifespan
1 year
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Price Range: $35.42 - $75.00

Retailers $50.49 $75.00
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